Aloha Consciousness

[00:00:00] You Know. Mine has very mystical quality. It’s that, that’s the world of mysticism. That’s what’s the world is because it’s a divine dream of a cosmic dream, and you are part of that dream. And the idea is to. Wake up to this fact or wake up as much as possible so that it can see like clearer with more understanding and more love with more tranquility, the and more peace.

This is the idea. So as you can have a just the, I known the, the D beautiful life with your spouse, your children, and. When you start to [00:01:00] find the secret of mind and consciousness, then you too will realize it is really a secret. You kind of give it away, but you can’t express it, and this is what those wise people from Hawaii in the past, the ones that had the secret of Huna, the secret of of the mind.

This is the way they give wisdom to the people.

How’d they kept the Aloha spirit alive! The Aloha spirit love understanding.

This is where the secret lies. The homeless lady. When I found what I found, I realized that those people in Hawaii are [00:02:00] talking the same thing and I’d be very, very wrong in assuming that I know anything about the Hawaiian religion. I am very ignorant to the side. I’m simply saying they knew the secret of Huna.

The secret of the mind. And when you find a secret of the mind, you find it sick of psychology because this is what it is. It’s a psychic reality. It all stands from mind. So it’s inspect and it does all work via thought or whatever. We put enough thought what creates our reality, and we all see different realities because we are all.

Individual human souls play in this game called life and whatever troubles we get into, we could say it’s natural because we are within the boundaries of [00:03:00] nature. But to find the secret of the mind, the secret of mental thickness, which leads to our character, which leads to did the Hager of the world.

You must look within. Define. The secret of that

because it is by a thought that we unfold and the way we unfold life is via our thoughts, and the thing comes via thought. Literally. Totally. Everything comes via. Fuck

up. What’s more important? Not just the thought, but the content of the thought that you can’t separate the content and the thought [00:04:00] because there’s both spiritual things.

That is what consciousness is. Everything comes via. Consciousness. Everything is consciousness. The mana that spoken off and the book, second chance, it’s that very essence I’m talking about. It is mana. That clears the ignorance of the soul

mana. It’s quite. And visible and can only be brought about by a beautiful feeling, the Aloha feeling. Now, if you were some of the places in the road, you probably have another name to give to this beautiful [00:05:00] Aloha feeling. But to me, my love for Hawaii, I respect the Hawaiian people. I really like saying.

The Aloha feeling. It describes my feeling

and yellow Hudson Bay is where that part comes from because the secret of the mind, the Seacoast like calling him the secret of theology, the secret of all things, the rise from mind. So in spirit by a thought, I’ll say that again. And the soul is the connection between the mind and the spirit. And that soul [00:06:00] is pure consciousness.

You see, the happiness you’re seeking in your managers are the happiness that you’re seeking in life or the, um, the ultimate of knowledge that you require will never be found unless you come to via a positive feeling. Let’s say the Aloha feeling. As a matter of fact, it’s a feelings that are opposite from the ILO hoc feeling that create or insecurities isn’t that, uh, fears or phobias?

It’s just a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a weakness in us because. Somewhere along the line. We’ve [00:07:00] forgotten the power of our own thoughts and we don’t realize it. We can, we live by thinking to get a family together. You must think positive, forget your old angers because all the other thoughts that you have cognitive through time, simple thoughts, kind of true time that create a belief system.

And  hang onto with negativity against your spouse, your children, or your country or whatever, right? But all in all in thought, and if it’s negative, it’s, it’s hurting you and it’s hurting other people and all you have to honestly see if you want to happy relationship with husband and wife, or if you want to see life better.

But to see that [00:08:00] in the past you went through the problems now and it’s still just thought and that you’ve got to think your way. You must think positive. That is the power of the Aloha feeling. Delo has asperity see the Aloha feeling. Aloha spirit is much, much deeper than most people realize. If you really look at carefully, it’s unfolding ms secret of psychology.

Truly, it really is, and it’s all extremely common sense. Very simple. Common sense. It’s two plus two equals four not until that passing themselves. Start to see that different level of consciousness, [00:09:00] a higher way of seeing things, a more positive way of seeing things for common sense and mental health appears.

And this is where the Aloha feeling is found. Because when you, when you feel good, you see the world, Jordan, you, you, you. If you’re at work, you work harder because you feel good. You put your life and your heart and soul into it. You put your heart and soul into everything you’re doing cause you feel good.

And that’s the same with your menage. And if you can find this positive feeling towards each other as husband and wife, like what you did when you were first money, you see you haven’t lost anything. You’ve just. You’ve just put a whole bunch of negative thoughts into the modern age to stop you from seeing each other as you [00:10:00] saw each other.


the Love’s still there. The Aloha still there. It’s just hidden in the junk pile. Now if you go in, she something about your mommy’s Jim, fix it. Be careful. Don’t go in the junk pile. Look for the Aloha feeling, the nice feelings. That’s what you’re looking for. You’re looking for what you used to have and you can never find it.

So negativity. You kind of find it from the past because now it’s just a thought and time, but you can find it if you stop. This world from racing your head with all those silly little thoughts, those negative thoughts that drive me crazy that you can just forget them just for an instance and see a deeper [00:11:00] reality that you have.

Oh, you’ve got what you want now loaded people saying, well, I can never get my youth by. You’ve got something far more beautiful. Then your youth, you’ve got whatever you are now.

It was really a beautiful feeling for many people I know to be called middle age because they had walked into a new, a new feeling of life. I knew, I knew thought ms system, they didn’t think cold and people. Get up to another age and to see a while now and all that again is another wild, another reality, which should be enjoyed, but not trying to hold onto the past to be what you used to be because it’s what you are know is the [00:12:00] most important thing in the world.

And truly my friends, if you can keep enough positive, beautiful, Aloha feeling. You will never go wrong. It will help you throughout your entire life because it will be your healing, your Aloha feeling of thank you and Mahalo, and perhaps some Debo. Talk again about the unraveling. That’s a beautiful feeling called the law. [00:14:00] [00:13:00]

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